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    Credit Recovery

    Original Credit

    SE Courses

    Credit recovery courses are for students who have failed a course in High School and would like to recover the failed credit. 

    Original Credit courses are for students who want to take a course online for high school credit, and have not taken the course before.  

    SE courses are for special education students who want to take an online course for high school credit. These courses use AGS textbook. 

    Alaska Land in Motion alaska history

     We offer an Alaska Studies Course for both Credit Recovery and Original Credit. 


     Things to be aware of before choosing and registering:

    • All course work is submitted online, which requires Internet access, a computer or tablet (mobile device). 
    • AKGrad takes care of all the administrative and grading procedures for the courses, BUT the majority of academic support is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s), supervising instructor, and/or student(s).
    • If you need a syllabus for a course, please contact akgrad@yksd.com 

    To find courses: 

    1. Work with supervising instructor and counselor to determine course credits needed.
    2. Click the course buttons above to access course list, or review entire course list here.  
    3. Once you have choosen a course, make a note of exact course number and title, and then go to the Registration Page