• AK Grad Credit Recovery Courses

    Credit Recovery

    Credit recovery courses are for students who have failed a course in High School and would like to recover the failed credit or students needs to make up a lot of credit. 

    • Cost: $100.00/ Semester (Some courses require textbooks, $70.00/ textbook) 
    • Credit: .5 credit/ Semester

    Courses offered include: AK Studies, English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Electives. For a detailed list click the links below.


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      Things to be aware of before choosing and registering:

    • All course work is submitted online, which requires Internet access, a computer or tablet (mobile device). 
    • AKGrad takes care of all the administrative and grading procedures for the courses, BUT the majority of academic support is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s), supervising instructor, and/or student(s).
    • If you need a syllabus for a course, please contact akgrad@yksd.com 

    Are you enrolled in an AKGrade course from 2017/ 2018? Use this link to complete work here - https://www.quia.com/web