• marli AK Grad provides online courses for credit recovery or original credit for students enrolled in a home school program or registered as a student in a school district. AK Grad is unique in that it is an Alaskan home grown organization based out of Yukon-Koyukuk School District, and provides original courses developed by Alaskan teachers who have taught in schools around Alaska.

    AK Grad was originally known as the AIDE Program. The programs humble origins began in 2002 by Joe Marley, a principal/teacher in Koyukuk. Joe was an exceptional principal, teacher, colleague, friend, and an all around wonderful person who would do anything to help anyone.  He started designing the courses after seeing too many of his students struggle with the structure of a traditional classroom setting.

    Over the next few years, Joe began offering his courses to the entire district in both asynchronous and blended formats after other schools began seeing the success he was having with struggling students. Over the years, Joe continued to grow the program by finding ways to better support students online. Unfortunately, Joe, who was fighting cancer while still teaching, passed away in 2015. Before passing, Joe made sure to pass along his wealth of knowledge and a succesful program to Nicholas Graves, a Raven Homeschool teacher, who started running the program. Following these events, the program gained a name change to AK Grad, and continued to improve upon what Joe had started. 

    Today, the program has implemented a new course management system, with updates on course materials and course offerings. In addition, new courses are being written every year, along with the hiring of a new teacher and course designer. AK Grad's goal is to continue to provide home-grown credit recovery courses, original credit courses to students in Alaska to help students graduate High School, and provide a flexible alternative to earning high school credit. 


  • Jennifer Ingman, B.S. Mathematics, M.A.Education

    Jennifer ingman Phone: 907-374-9436
    Email: jingman@akgrad.com

    I am an Online Instructor for AKGrad. I grew up in Alaska and have been teaching in the state since 2015. I have always been curious about the world, so it was natural for me to pursue math and science. My goal as a teacher is to make learning math and science an enjoyable experience for my students. In my free time I love being outdoors, either fishing or hiking.

  • Richard Wilkin, B.A.-History; P.G.C.E.-English; M.A.-Forced Migration Studies; M.A.-International Education

    Richard Portrait Phone: 907-374-9422
    Email: rwilkin@akgrad.com
    Greetings and salutations! My name is Mr. Wilkin and I am an Online Teacher of English and Social Studies at AK Grad. I've been in Alaska since 2018 after having lived overseas (South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and China) for 17 years. I've been in education for 18 years and have spent time in various roles including teacher, coach, principal, and head of school. I love spending time with my wife and children, outdoor activities, and pretty much all sports. I really enjoy working with students and seeing growth and development. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any queries you have.